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Who Am I? What can I help you with?

Individuals/Couples/Families I work with frequently:

- Adult Children of Alcoholics/Trauma/Mental Illness - Are you struggling with unresolved feelings from your upbringing? Are you struggling with cycles of re-enactment with your relationships? Do you have unhealthy schemas that keep you from moving forward in your life?

-Codependent individuals - Are you struggling to create and maintain boundaries with people in your life? Do the relationships in your life lift or lean? Are you ready to learn how to put yourself first?

-Addicts in early-middle-or late recovery - Are you struggling with the transition and identify the need to develop more effective coping skills - Are you noticing that life doesn't handle you with "kid gloves" just because you got sober?

- Toxic Relationships/Dysfunctional Family Roles/Cyvles of Re-enactment - Are you stuck in a pattern within your relationship/family system and you see the need to learn a healthier role and teach others how to treat you differently? Are your relationships following an unhealthy pattern? Has addiction or mental health challenges negatively affected your relationships?

I am currently only offering tele-therapy through Zoom (Hippa compliant/free site for clients). Please do not hesitate to reach out and schedule. Take care of yourself!

If anything you read above resonates with you, please do not hesitate to contact me and allow me the opportunity to assist you with developing a healthier and more peaceful you!


​Why Me?

I have been a practicing psychotherapist for 15 years. I have extensive experience with individuals and couples. I am a Licensed Addiction Counselor and have worked extensively with individuals and couples affected by addiction through family of origin or present day. I am a Clinically Certified Trauma Professional and would love to assist you through your journey to wellness. 

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